viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011


Fuck me!...i mean follow me!

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Young dancer slut

I was online minding my own business, when this guy that I’ve meet online from a long time but usually never talk to, writes me and tells me if I have any plans for later tonight (it was about 9pm) he’s a white 30something “straight” with a girlfriend …attractive kinda-chubby with a 8 (20cm) inch THICK cock . So he tells me that he has a young friend that wants some action, and that would be great to play the three of us, that particular day I didn`t really feel like going but at the end I accepted the invitation.

He picks me up in his car, I get in the back, he drives and his friend is in the front seat…it was a barely legal 18yo chocolate skin thug-looking boy; at first sight I wasn`t in to him. But I was already there, so what the hell.

We drive into the motel, park and get inside very quickly. The guy that invited me was very quiet, but his young friend wouldn’t shut up, it was a bit annoying talking about how he was a dancer and other things that I don’t remember right now. Once inside after some small talk my top friend lays down in bed with his pants off, only shirt and boxer briefs. His friend lays down next to him only with his underwear on and start to kiss the top after climbing on him. I simply watch and… instant boner.

Few minutes pass, I’m on bed with them, actually I’m in the middle. Both of their cocks are out and we are all jerking and touching each other dicks. Can’t resist that scene so I get down and suck both of the cocks taking turns. The bottom boy had a really nice BIG dark skin cock about 7-8 inches (18-19cm). they are totally making out and enjoying themselves while I suck them. Of course I was also enjoying the moment…there I was sucking those two BIG cocks, very different cocks, from very different guys…still hot.

After that the bottom turns and shows his incredible bubble but ass, his whole body was a piece of art, now I can see why he was bragging about being a dancer; slim but very toned and hard all over. The top goes CRAZY and starts to eat the boys hole after the bottom sits on his face…while he’s doing that I suck him (the top) and keep watching the action taking place so close to me.

(The bottom sitting on the top's face...nice rim)

After I leave that big THICK cock full of spit I see that the hot bottom dancer boy can’t keep his eyes of the top’s dick and immediately as I move away he jumps in, places himself on top and starts to sit on that tool. I was amazed, he was truly a little SLUT, and I was so turned on by it. I could see the bottom going crazy for the big dick, I helped him get that cock in him as he moaned and said “Papi me duele” (papi, it hurts) but still wouldn’t stop sitting on it.

They start to go at it, it gets rough and they really start to FUCK, the slut says “papi cojeme, cojeme” (papi, fuck me, fuck me) I can see them, I can touch that ass, that cock sliding inside, I can see how they fuck through the mirrors in front (and back) of the bed at this is a sex-motel.

Never been so turned on by a simple fuck that at the same time I wasn`t really part of it, but didn’t care honestly. I was still enjoying it.

(The fuck - The bottom dancer boy)

I’m jerking like crazy, touching them, seeing it all…the suddenly stand up, the bottom is next to the bed, back arched down, and the top is behind him…now he really PLOWS him HARD. The bottom screams like a bitch, he’s loving it. The top is giving it all, full steam, ready to cum, he fucks him and fucks him…I am right there, in the most exiting voyeurism experience so far.

Can’t resist, I lay down and I let all my cum out all over my stomach while I watch that 30something big dick fuck a 18yo like an animal. After that I don’t really care If they cum or not, I think they did…got distracted, went to the bathroom. Some minutes pass and as I go outside again they are both laying down on bed like two exhausted dogs after a run.

The bottom dancer boy goes to takes a shower, and I chat for a while with the guy that invited me that night, he tells me that the boy is from out of town and is his boyfriend apart from his girlfriend, that they have been seeing each other for a couple of months. That was the most interesting/relevant part of the conversation…After that the dancer goes back into the room, he’s wearing this tiny towel around his waist, damn he’s hot. We have some small talk and I say to my friend that I have to leave because is really late. He takes me home, the boy stays in…in the way he mentions that he’ll be staying with the bottom that night and he’s going to "fuck the brains out of that boy".


martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Hot Springs Suck

Since early this week, after some serious thinking, I decided that I was going to (TRY) stop masturbating for a week or two. That after realizing that I was spending just too much of my time watching porn and reading hot stories. So I told myself that I was going to concentrate on working out and the university.

Today, a dear (lady) friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the hot-springs which are located on the outskirts of the city. It’s a nice place with a hotel and several natural hot spring pools in which by paying a small fee anyone can use. I remembered that and old hookup whom I haven’t seen in a long time; in several ocations talked me about that place being a hidden cruising spot. And that he had even fucked guys in the public showers… I’ve been there before, but let’s just say that when I used to go, I was more…“innocent”.

So once my friend had asked me if I wanted to go with her and some other two friends, I couldn’t get off my mind the idea of finding some hot action over there, particularly in the bathroom (the place to cruise). I hesitated about going first, because I really wanted to keep my word of staying out of sex/masturbating for a while, but at the end I told myself “fuck it, I’m going”.

After a bumpy ride, we got to the place. It was a cloudy, gray-ish day but still there where many people at the place. Not too much to be uncomfortable but not too little to be empty. My friends went to the ladies bathroom to get into a more suitable pool outfit, and so i did the same in the men’s bathroom. Once you walk inside, you see a long narrow hall, to the left there are a couple of benches…so once you go straight forward what you see to the sides are the showers (not open showers, you could say there are “stall” showers with doors so you can have privacy - but a couple of them are broken-). At the very end there is an open smaller room with the toilet stalls, and the urinals (which you can’t see unless you get to the very end of the room) and the sinks in the opposite wall. Once in there and i wasn’t alone...As i though some guys were doing their “normal” business, so i changed into my shorts and went for a cold shower while scanning the place.

No one really got my attention except by this mid 40s thin guy, he was naked, so when Iilooked down MY GOD. One of the longest dicks I’ve seen, and not even hard. The guy kept looking at me, but it seemed that some other man was waiting for him, so after a long shower and many discreet looks, back and forward and the ocational bulge grabbing...he left.

Already disappointed thought to myself “well…time to go out, and relax in the hot water” but right there, another mature man (this one wearing short shorts, well build, with a wide chest) gave me mixed signals, so i didn’t knew if he was really looking for action. He went to the toilet stalls, i followed, he went to the showers, i followed, he went to the urinals, i went to the urinals…but then he got his dick out and flaccid as it was, it looked like a damned big cock, it just hanged LOW. He looked at me, he was nervous, YES he was looking for action, but too many people inside. FUCK

I got tired of the situation and simply went out “why you took so long?” my friends asked…blah blah. At the end, had a nice afternoon relaxing in hot and “healing” water with my friends, hanged there, had a bite. Etc. Only a couple of young guys caught my eye, but nothing really important there. Went back a couple of times inside to scout the area, but nothing…plus i didn’t wanted to seem like one of those guys that you just know is desperate for cock and would be cruising for hours and lifting eyebrows.

We couldn’t stay much time there so we had to leave, by that time we had to change into our regular clothes and i knew i was going back to the bathroom maybe (hoping) to finally find something hot this time. Took a shower, took a pee, nothing…took a shower again (stalling time) and then right in front of me in another shower some hot guy came and started to stroke as he soaped, i touched myself a bit and noticed the guy next to him, looking at me as well and doing the same. That was HOT, but by the time I got really horny, they got out, dressed and leaved together. FUCK.

So, ready to leave and with my clothes on, went to the back and who i see? The nervous hung mature man in the urinals. "Yeah, he's back!" Right there he sees me and hafter playing a bit, his cock got hard (so did mine) he approached me (I was in the sinks) grabbed my hand and placed it on his bulge, I massaged it, it felt just big. Some people went inside, so we played cool, he took a peek to the hall and grabbed my hand again…we continued after some minutes: he got it out and looking to the hall, he nervously directed my head down to his cock (which was was about 7 inches not fully hard…very thick) I couldn’t believe that I was going to suck that beauty in that place, with people really near by, we could get caught.

I got it all in, he contracted, quietly moaned…and pressed my head to his crotch making me gag on that cock. We could hear people talking really close, guys and their locker room talks.

While I sucked him, I stroked mine,...fully gear. Very turned on about the place…What a thrill!

He pushed, pushed, pushed, I gagged and gagged, I was feeling FUKING GOOD. Couldn’t resist it and I felt the exiting moment right about the corner; climax. I came on the wet floor with his big tool still inside my throat. Some one was coming in our direction. I got up quickly and went inside a stall. Waited some minutes and went back to the room, the mature man was taking a shower, he hadn’t cum yet. I had to leave…damn.

As I walked away, he came out of the bathroom. Our eyes meet, I wanted more, and so did he…

I left.

“What the hell, what took you so long? We have been waiting for a while!”

Only if you knew…

The actual place (Bathrooms -Down, in the right corner)